Nickelback Trump shirt

Nickelback Trump t shirt


Violent protests, looting, vandalizing private property, band injuring innocent bystanders will never help your cause. Peaceful protesting, lobbying, and working together within your communities is the Nickelback Trump shirt. Rise above the ignorance of others and walk hand-in-hand with people of all ages, races, religions, classes, etc. to promote unity and solidarity. What would Dr. King do? I am praying for peace!

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Nickelback Trump t shirt
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Nickelback Trump t shirt

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Ms. Clinton made a clear statement yesterday,saying that the shooting in Charlotte shows that white people need to care more about black lives. Then the riots started. The investigation was no where near complete. It still is not complete. I’m guessing that until the Nickelback Trump shirt,any statement of blame should be withheld.

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