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She obviously has a disorder that is causing such a weight gain. It isn’t just food. My kids and grandkids can out eat a linebacker but they don’t have this problem. I have Baby Groot And Toothless shirt that terribly obese people have something in their makeup that makes them always hungry. Maybe an erratic gene or a missing gene. I don’t know but they are researching so maybe they will come up with an answer. I just wouldn’t be so fast with judging them.

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Baby Groot And Toothless We Wear Blue For Autism Awareness
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Baby Groot And Toothless We Wear Blue For Autism Awareness
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She gets hungry and Baby Groot And Toothless shirt?Um, she’s 8months old, as her parents at this age it’s all on you to feed her properly.. Its normal for kids to be hungrier some times, but you don’t make a full meal every time, give little snacks between regular portioned meals… Not trying to be mean, but better parenting skills need to be brought to the world..

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Please do not blame the Baby Groot And Toothless shirt, it hurts to carry a baby for 9 month then deliver only to find out that the child is sick, but if truly access food is the problem i think the parents can control it. Whatever it may be i think they need our prayers, prayer is the best medicine to heal any sickness and diseases.

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