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I didn’t have any of these symptoms when I had Beards For Breast Cancer Shirt. The only way I found out was that I happened to be pregnant with my first daughter and I got a standard pelvic exam, that’s when they found it. I had to wait until after I delivered to get Leep surgery and by that time my entire cervix was black and had to be completely removed. Leaving only a small line of cervix which also had to be tackled years later when the cancer surfaced which I also never had a symptom, we found it on a yearly pap.

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I wish they had some type of Beards For Breast Cancer Shirt, Mandable. Mine jaw bone was removed. It was cleared. However, just this past year, it was found out that I had Squamous Cell Carcinoma in my upper gum, right under my nose. Long story short, went in surgery… had the cancer removed, and now have a hole the size of a 50 cent piece in the roof of my mouth. It is covered with a temporary prosthetic.. I am going Tuesday to a Specialist to have a permanent prosthetic put in and some other reconstruction. Cancer is really an evil – no matter WHAT kind it is… Praying for cures for it all!

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The ignorance of Beards For Breast Cancer Shirtwho follow this page astounds me. This is really awesome news and I really appreciate the big companies that are spending the insane amounts of money to treat such an insanely complex disease. In my opinion, if a scientist was smart enough to find a cure for cancer, they would be smart enough to get it out there and would risk their lives if necessary. Most people don’t get into science because they are driven by money, and to have their name forever immortalized in textbooks is a scientist ultimate nirvana.

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