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Black Cat


They were the same age but chich was very under sized. Herr meow was rough as rats. When I came home I would call her and regardless of where she was In the Black Cat Shirt would scream and slowly walk to to me. She was severely cross eyed and walking across a room made her dizzy and she would fall over. I would sit on the floor against the wall and she would come, still screaming, and crawl Into my lap and purr like a jet engine until she fell asleep. Sadly she died. I found her curled In one of my boots.

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Tracy be strong. This poor baby suffered much. But she Is safe now. We as the caregivers of Black Cat Shirt must face the horrible things done and do right for those animals. If we can’t stand up and protect them then who will? This has totally broken me, I am literally sobbing. The sub humans that did this deserve a horrible, horrible life. Karma will get you,maybe not now, or In a year or ten years but she will. Me, I’ll dance on your graves.

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I get the fact that everyone’s entitled to their own personal opinion but taking delight In Black Cat Shirt living beings mistreatment whether human or animal Is beyond pathetic and trifling. I don’t have a problem wanting those rejects to pay for the harm that was done to any animal but a human laughing at a defenseless animal being hurt so barbarically your ass should be kicked too.

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