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Black Gay Pride Shirts Available Order Now!!! You can also create your own personalized gear as well! This post is from a friend of mines and the post was about her black pride shirt that she had on today at work but her black co-worker Mark is after them butter biscuits. I wanted to show you guys what a racCOON looks like at the work place. Instead of him addressing the topic at hand (the shirt) he had to let everyone know that he’s one of the good NEGROS, y’all know the kind that they can trust. Read his comments for yourself. Smh, I could say more but.

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Who has some dope black pride t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale? I’m trying to wear a different one to work every Friday for the month of February. Send me some design samples. What’s your pride? This customer has black pride and ordered 8 shirts to let the world know and they are gorgeous! Let’s see what your pride is and we can make it public at

We turned in our donation for the Stroll for Strong. All are welcome to join team “Pinnacle Pride” tomorrow for the walk! The walk is at Genesee Valley park and we are meeting near the registration booth. Look for teachers in their black Pinnacle Pride shirts! “I’ve seen gay pride shirts, I’ve seen confederate flags,” said student Genesis Santoyo, ‘I’ve actually seen a white power shirt once.”


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