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Actually on the windows of the store it says they are closed so Bucket Squad shirt can attend worship services, which is all well and good but hobby lobby has a history of religious discrimination. My friend who had an interview was asked if she was on birth control and if she was a Christian or not. Not sure if that’s a widespread issue but it happened in my city.

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Bucket Squad Ladies V-Neck
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The reason they are closed on sundays as mentioned by the owner is that Bucket Squad shirt up joint way back then, he was so exhausted that he would knock out by the grill and his form of being alert would be hearing a car pull up. So he is being courteous to his employees and having set hours and time off so they can not be as stressed and spend quality time with their families, if they decide to go to church or not is all on them.

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Definitely real chicken that comes to the Bucket Squad shirt and in seasoning before it is cooked in store. It is real for sure. Real lemons and it took forever to make, but worth it in the end. Example did you know that the chicken sandwich is made out of part horse balls. Sadly I would still be eating there it’s that good Interesting facts though.

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