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The government of cat Madame Poisse shirt has to mange processes sucks. I just can’t image why they are so complicated. It’s not that hard. They just don’t want to relinquish control. So the director of health services doesn’t want to give control to the hospital director in charge to make this decisions. Can you find out if the naval comfort hospital can take control of the decision.

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Never seen or heard of a president with no compassion or empathy shown. This is so frustrating and wrong. And am not even in that. And am heartbroken and loss of words. Cannot wrap my brain in what is going on in this at Madame Poisse shirt president mind. People are dying and starving and he is doing nothing to try and make things better for all those unfortunate people going through this unfortunate circumstances with this hurricane Maria aftermath.

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Someone needs to address this. Is the ship still at the port of old san juan? How are people that live up in the at Madame Poisse shirt mountains or towns further in are going to get to them? Wouldn’t it be better to have that ship go to different ports or a more strategic place where people from other towns can reach it better? I just don’t know but is one blunder after another is like nobody communicates with each other.

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