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Charmed Squad


The thing with phoebe and coup. I thought that was the most amazing thing because the from when the went to the Charmed Squad Shirt to save charlottes baby It said her true love would begin woth the letter. At the time she thought cole but It was coup. And cool thing Is I got something In common with phoebe. My true loves name also begins with the letter.

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Guys Shirt
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Charmed Squad Guys V-Neck
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Laides V-Neck

When piper and leo are playing scrabble together at the finale, It may not be Charmed Squad Shirt to some, but after how much they faught for their love, knowing that they grow old together Is the most beautiful and romantic thing ever.

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Charmed Squad Hoodie
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Tank Top

My favorite romance moment It’s not really romantic for others but It Is to me. The Charmed Squad Shirt where leo falls from grace he felt piper dying. No love Is stronger than that even the elders couldn’t with taking away his memory. I loved piper because they fought to the end to make sure that they got married.

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