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Chihuahua And Skull


I love how everyone Is just assuming the worst, and ready to hang this woman. Ladies? Have you ever heard of Chihuahua And Skull shirt postpartum depression? We have no right to judge, especially when we do not have all of the facts. Sad as It may be. We must not stoop to blind convictions.

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This one was just physical countless families are scarred from bitter, angry women that use their biological children to Chihuahua And Skull shirt the biological father. It’s usually donein court, by use of blackmail, spreading falsehoods lies, and even going so far as to brainwash the child to hate the dad. Why do physical attacks warrant news, while the silent abuse of men and children continues unabated?

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Wendy you can’t just assume that the father is guilty as well. I basically hate men, but I don’t immediately blame them for Chihuahua And Skull shirt that we don’t even know the whole story to. The article actually states that the father Is the one that rushed the child to the hospital. The woman Is the psycopath In this case.

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