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Christmas AF


On his best Christmas AF Shirt will never be even half the man Obama is. History will remember Obama as one of the best and most compassionate presidents with class, elegance, dignity, integrity and every other good attribute you can imagine and Trump will be remembered as a dictator, a moron, a conman and a destroyer in chief.

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Guys Shirt
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Christmas AF Guys V-Neck
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Christmas AF Ladies V-Neck
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The best and most compassionate president? Considering when he was in Christmas AF Shirt a bill that would allow a fetus that survived an abortion to be taken left alone without any assistance til it expired? And he is the most compassionate?

Best Christmas AF Shirt

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Christmas AF Sweater

I actually had a discussion with some folks on Christmas AF Shirt a few days ago about how they’re glad that Christmas is back at the white house. When I informed them that it never was gone, they got supremely offended and told me not from their perspective I mean, really? I just do not know how to get these die hard Trump supporters to realize they’re choosing to believe lief.

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