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Confirm Kavanaugh


If Kavanaugh were a decent and honorable man today, two weeks ago he would have publicly said ‘I drank and partied too much, including illegal underage drinking, when young and my friends and Confirm Kavanaugh shirt. I don’t recall the specific incident(s) but they could have occurred. I am deeply sorry for pain I caused, for it was wrong.

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Neither political party should be able to appoint a judge who is so outwardly biased, emotionally unstable, tantrum throwing and verbally abusive to a position of justice and/or interpreting the constitution with rulings that affect the Confirm Kavanaugh shirt. His mind is made up and his position has been made clear that he is a lackey for trump.

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Did you know the main reason they want him in on the Supreme Court Justice now is because there is a case on the Confirm Kavanaugh shirt. What is at stake in this case is “separate but sovereigns” exception to double jeopardy. That means if Kavanaugh and the 4 other conservative justices vote to overrule it, people given Presidential pardons for federal crimes cannot be tried for that crime at the state level.

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