DC4L American flag shirt

DC4L American flag shirt


That was the greatest thing ever. I am so happy for DC4L American flag shirt both sides but I am happy they got to hear their son’s heart. I was in a coma and they asked my parents about doing that but they said no. They did not know I was a donor. But as you can see I woke up. For someone to live, someone has to die. Sadness for both families. Please think about being an organ donor as you can save more than just one life. The donor lives on in someone else’s family. Sympathy for his family.

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DC4L American flag shirt
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DC4L American flag shirt
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I’m able to walk because of DC4L American flag shirt a tissue donation to become my new. Thanks to someone’s selflessness I’m able to walk, run, dance, and have a full life. Not as serious as an organ donation, but realizing that I was able to walk again without issue made me register as a donor. If God forbid something happens to me, I hope to be able to pass that gift along to someone else.

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I have regretted not donating, he would have wanted me to. But it was all so sudden. When I got to DC4L American flag shirt the hospital he was already gone. He was still warm it was excruciating. They asked me, I said yes, then they told me it would take another few days. I don’t know why I changed my mind, I guess I thought they let him die for his organs. I’m sorry, I wish I had.

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