Disney christmas vacation Sweater

Disney christmas vacation


In the last year and a half, I’ve been beaten down. I’ve lost far too many friends and Disney christmas vacation Sweater to tragedy and disease. Mallozzi and I have experienced the worst in people, and the best in people. We lost twins at separate times in a devastating miscarriage. I lived through the Vegas shooting, and what could’ve been a life-ending illness that left me in icu for 2 weeks and bedridden for 3 months. Additionally, there’s been close to a dozen more tragedies that have hurt my family directly.

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Throught it all, especially today, I am thankfull. I have chosen a plant-based life for my family and I that has all of us healthier and happier than ever. I have weeded out the Disney christmas vacation Sweater in our lives and held on closer to the real ones. I strive to put Health and Family above all else, and still continue to live my dream of playing, writing, and recording music. In many ways, I believe perspective is a choice. I choose to look at the tragedies, the losses, and the tribulations.

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I say thank you to each of you reading this Disney christmas vacation Sweater that have played a part in teaching me this perspective. I am a student in this life. I learn every day. I’ve made mistakes along the way that I strive to only make once. This wave I’m on is a difficult one. But, I shall ride it out, and hopefully be stronger when it ends. Until then, I’ll do my best to see the lessons I can learn along the way.

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