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Salute to cop and one thing unable to know that people are Interested to beat or slap the person who caught doing something wrong or right, they themselves don’t what’s going In Doxicorn Shirt If It’s not looking correct complaint to police let them do their duty.

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A cop like him should be role model for other cops who doesn’t bother to do their duty. A cop like him deserve to Doxicorn Shirt the force and then may be we can have better law and order situation In our cities towns villages. And those as holes punching In video should be arrested and should be sent to jail Immediately.

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I can Imagine he Is getting a lot of pressure to sort people out . Also what Is he gunna do he will feel like Doxicorn Shirt that have helped him and there’s still a lots of his mates out on the street yet will he get the support to turn his life around If that’s what he wants a bloody good holiday for starters Is what he needs.

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