Eeyore and Grinch shirt

Eeyore and Grinch


When I got there, I see a scared, soaked to the Eeyore and Grinch shirt, who could not have been much more then 4 months old. Before even getting her into the house, the first thing I would notice was that it appeared both her front legs had been, or were still dislocated. This caused me to believe, that she had simply been thrown from the car, without it even coming to a stop.

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Eeyore and Grinch
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Eeyore and Grinch
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Eeyore and Grinch
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It’s been four years now since we first visited Jenni at the Eeyore and Grinch shirt in the hope of giving one of their rescue dogs a forever home. Little did we know that we would fall in love with not one but two beautiful Rottweilers named Lady and Bailey. As time went by they developed personalities of their own. Bailey turned out to be a plodder with Lady being the dominant part of the duo.

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Eeyore and Grinch
Ladies V-Neck
Eeyore and Grinch

As time went by Bailey developed the Eeyore and Grinch shirt and suffered a partial rupture off his ligament and it was heart braking to see him in so much pain, so much so that Julie spent most nights sleeping down stairs where she could comfort him till he was pain free. After recouping from his op we took them training at the K9 Club in Cannock where Daz and his team put them through there paces where they turned out to be two well behaved pooches.

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