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Feminist Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo can be what we want her to be: a feminist, wounded lover, cultural ambassador, survivor of disability, sexual adventurer. I can have my Frida; you can have yours. With the Feminist Frida Kahlo shirt, that combination of beauty, defiance and colour can be scaled up or down as needed: cute Frida for emojis and children’s picture books; edgy Frida for a book on queer icons. It helps that the artist also produced a few soupy aphorisms.

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Yeah it also helps with oh I don’t know, having a job and a life separate from the men in your life. Did you know that women couldn’t open a bank account without the permission of a male family member before the 1980s? I guess we should just say forget feminism and Feminist Frida Kahlo shirt. Marital rape was also legal in all 50 states up until the early 1990s because women were considered the husbands property. We can bring that back too, since feminism is so disrespectful.

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I am either triggered or a sexist but I’d just like Feminist Frida Kahlo shirt that third wave feminism isn’t true feminism, there are people who identify as feminists who are really calm and cool but the people who identify as feminists and say that they are going to pour bleach between the legs of men just because they sit with their legs a little bit far apart are crazy, and they have brought so much negative power to the word feminist that I don’t wanna call myself that anymore, instead I’m gonna call myself an equalitist where I believe that there should be total equality between men and women.

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