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Go Vikings! We are doing it again as the team clinched the regional title today against Walsh. We will be taking orders for T-shirts for the State games. Does anyone have a gay Minnesota Vikings shirt I can borrow? I promise you can have it back. I sure the hell don’t want it.

2017 Vikings t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops for men and women

So my shirt size has dropped quite a bit in the last 20 months and I have had to buy quite a bit of clothing in that time. Last week I wore one of my old AC/DC shirts to mow the lawn. When Beth did laundry she brought the shirt to me said “This is a 6x shirt. It is going to goodwill. We need to watch our clothing budget but you can always have an AC/DC shirt that fits you, as well as a Cubs shirt and a Vikings shirt.” Reason #344 I have the best wife ever.

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