Halloween horror bird T shirt

Halloween horror bird


A few years back, a stray cat here In grand rapids, michigan was brought to the humane society with ears that had been cut off. Fortunately, the kitty made a Halloween horror bird T shirt and was actually adopted by a volunteer at the humane society. As far as I know, they never did catch those responsible. All I can say Is that whomever It was Is very lucky I didn’t happen upon them while they were torturing the poor kitty.

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Poor little darling courage. You have the right name. So glad she found her way home to that very kind man. And to get the Halloween horror bird T shirt and care needed and still to trust In people. Things as someone one else called those who done this evil torture to an Innocent beautiful creature. Hope things rot to death. All the best wishes In the world to you courage.

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My heart aches while I’m reading courage’s story. I’ll never understand such sick creatures doing such terrible things to Halloween horror bird T shirt and helpless animal. Thank God this sweet girl Is In good hands now. It always Impresses me how animals who suffered so much from human cruelty are still able to love and trust. Wishing courage a happy forever home where she can forget all her pain, very soon.

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