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Halloween town


I have a cat before you state that I’m just a hater! But your argument that a cat Is smarter than a dog Is utter crap. How many cats do you see working along side the Halloween town T shirt and armed forces In bomb disposal and drug raids, being a guide for disabled people, protecting your home, detecting when something Is wrong? You don’t! Dogs are far more use to humans than cats.

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I’m glad to see this happens to others. I’m a dog person. Big dogs. I’ve recently homed my Halloween town T shirt and this Is what goes on all day long In my house. I don’t speak cat. At all. I feed him, clean his box, play with him and give treats. And still he follows me around. I say say anything to him and he answers.

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Just because they are used In bomb disposal and drug raids doesn’t mean they’re smart. We’re smarter but have a shit sense of Halloween town T shirt so can’t do those things. Not arguing whether dogs or cats are smarter. I definitely think cats understand and could be trained they are just dickheads who don’t take orders whereas a dog lives to please It’s owner.

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