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He is responsible for ruing his family. His actions caused. I why would he couch an all girl tea all girl team. Remember Micheal Jackson only had little boy friends. He said he had girls as friends. And Halloweentucky Shirt mentioned he treats them as equals. A racist may say he has black friends. But he is still a racist. Lock him up.

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Guys V-Neck
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Did you notice she said his name every time she spoke about what he was so supposed to have done to her, why was that? Was it so Halloweentucky Shirt believed it was him, if he was just somebody she hardly new why keep saying his name it was all very or castrated.

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Halloweentucky Hoodie
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Tank Top

Do you remember every detail of 1 day 36 years ago? If it was traumatic enough, I’m sure you would recall every moment, not fabricated afterthoughts. I’m sure if you were attempted assaulted and traumatized, the first place or Halloweentucky Shirt l would have been to the police. Who is paying fords lawyers? Answer that and you will see where this bogus claim is coming from.

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