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Impish or Admirable


I asked to hold the rain atleast until I got Max in the ground. Belive it or not the moment Max’s head wasa covered, I started to hear the rain coming from the distance. I still had the rest of Impish or Admirable sweatshirt to finish cover. I cannot explain this any other way but I kid you not when I say that while it was raining, where Max’s body lay, there was not a single drop of water. Atleast not until I was putting the last bit of sand.

Impish or Admirable sweatshirt, Youth tee, V-neck, Sweater and Unisex, t-shirt

Impish or Admirable
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Impish or Admirable
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Impish or Admirable
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This is a place where pit bulls, seldom get saved, and most are euthanized. The volunteers at this shelter work so hard, to save them. They reached out about a truly special boy, named Igor. Igor is an exceptional boy, he is super friendly, good with other dogs, and Impish or Admirable sweatshirt. Igor is special, he is mostly blind, but that doesn’t stop him one bit. He loves life, and uses his sense of smell mostly, but you probably wouldn’t even know he his limited eye sight.

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Impish or Admirable
Ladies V-Neck
Impish or Admirable

They have been with me 8 weeks now and are ready to go. I will be very choosy as this was a mistaken miracle. I have had dogs all my life and Impish or Admirable sweatshirt always kept them neutered, this unexpectedly happened while taking in a stray I found in the street that was not fixed and then taking a foster so someone wouldn’t have to take it to the pound, and well, they made babies before I was able to take the male to get fixed.

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