Lazy Trail Parasite Shirt

Lazy Trail Parasite


Yup, invite him to Minnesota to see what RSR, NMTC and many individual trail runners are doing, and have Lazy Trail Parasite Shirt, to help protect, build and advocate for non-motorized trails. My perspective: we have been doing this all along, quietly and often as individuals working 1:1 with trail advocacy groups like the SHT, NCT and our local trails. Not identifying ourselves as trail runners so our contributions as trail runners go unnoticed by folks who count such things.

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Lazy Trail Parasite
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I thought this piece was gross and riddled with bias and inaccuracies. I have opinions on the Lazy Trail Parasite Shirt between mountain biking and trail running, and why trail building is a way bigger deal for the former.
That said, it IS very hard to get people to show up for trail work. UMTR has hosted a few trail work events, which people always SEEM interested in, and virtually nobody shows. It’s a little embarrassing to partner with a group like MORC or the SHTA, saying “We have people who wanna come help!” and we have three people who turn out

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Lazy Trail Parasite
Ladie Vneck
Lazy Trail Parasite

So. This article kinda got me thinking. Truth be told, I don’t volunteer. At first I thought “but hey you pay a lot of Lazy Trail Parasite Shirt and got cool stickers on your car”. But that’s not enough. Any chance someone can point me to some good local resources? I live in Oakdale if that helps. My go to easy days are in Lake Elmo and I do Hyland on the weekends. Be the change you wanna see and all that 

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