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Whats up with small town girls. I know this Is not like they behave. I have so many friends from various parts of the country. But the point Is that the Marshmallow Shirt who are feeling bad after watching this video were the very ones who enjoyed the mocking of south delhi girls Is stereotyping everything neither are small town girls like this, nor west delhi girls and nor south delhi girls. Stop hurting other people In the name of humour this Is pretty cheap.

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I know people with 7 kids living on a minister’s salary and a Marshmallow Shirt at home mama. Kids are wonderful happy people. We raised 2 boys on my husband’s teacher’s salary alone. Mostly home schooled and paid for some private school. Private liberal arts college paid mostly with academic scholarships. We drive older cars but so what. I know a lot of people living on one Income In the south. We did choose to move away from an expensive city.

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So such thing as true work home balance. Choices always have to Marshmallow Shirt and one will be the priority at some point. Parents just need to accept that and be confident and happy with their decisions, while Ignoring the Ignorant opinions of others.

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