Minion Santa Christmas Sweater

Minion Santa Christmas

After Thanksgiving, Santa and Minions continue celebrating. It looks like Santa invited Minions to go out and they found a couple Minion Santa Christmas Sweater in their way. When Santa came back at home, I think he lost his keys because he was trying to go inside the house through the window. In other hands, Minions was trying to hold the one almost falling down from the top of the car.

Minion Santa Christmas Sweater, Youth tee, V-neck, Sweater and Unisex, t-shirt

Minion Santa Christmas
Guys Shirt
Minion Santa Christmas
Ladies Tee
Minion Santa Christmas
Guys V-Neck

Sucks when you slam your finger in the Minion Santa Christmas Sweater cracking a nail, and bruising not only the nail bed but the side of your finger too. What looks like a crack at Rudolph’s nose is a crack in the polish. You can see where the nail bed was already starting to blue there so I just went ahead and took the nail off to replace it with a cute Minion Santa.

Best Minion Santa Christmas Sweater

Minion Santa Christmas
Ladies V-Neck
Minion Santa Christmas

If you ever see my neighbor’s yard decorations at sunrise, it looks like some horrible Christmas serial killer went on a rampage. Sponge Bob, Minions, Olaf bodies littering the Minion Santa Christmas Sweater. I always pretend for a moment that Snoopy survived and escaped. Sadly, dead Santa Snoopy is always on the side of the house.

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