This game is more than tom brady and peyton manning. I think both defenses, special teams and the kicking games come in to play. They get on my nerves with this brady and manning, like it’s all the game is going to My-back-is-not-a-voicemail-say-it-to-my-face-shirt come down to. Yes captain obvious is here for you idiots. Looking forward to a great game. 

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Thats what I always try to tell people. Football is a unique sport in where you dont play every different facet of the game. Definitely one of the ultimate team sports. No matter how good you are on offense, you have to have My-back-is-not-a-voicemail-say-it-to-my-face-shirt defense and special teams do their part as well or its futile in the end.

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It’s because they’re both legends. It’s how you hype up the significance of the game. And years down the line My-back-is-not-a-voicemail-say-it-to-my-face-shirt sure the teammates will get credit, but it’ll always be peyton manning and tom brady. The QB position is the most important position in football for a reason.

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