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It’s already proven that kavanaugh wasn’t even at the party where she accused him. There’s no Namaste Witches Shirt that democrats won’t stoop to. The most evil enemies free America has ever faced. It’s her word against his and can’t be proven, so it should never have been addressed by our government during a confirmation hearing.

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There should not be a trial at a confirmation hearing. Her accusation can not be proven, truth is, it’s just a disgraceful immoral liberal socialist democratic farce to stop judge from Namaste Witches Shirt confirmed because he is a conservative against the murder abortion of innocent unborn babies. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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Has this ever happened to you, if not you can Namaste Witches Shirt why she didn’t come forward sooner or why she doesn’t remember everything. If it was your daughter or granddaughter would you still be standing with him?

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