Official Eatinerary shirt

Official Eatinerary


I really don’t think people will be able to tell from this whether the penguin is happy or not. Though that Official Eatinerary shirt. If you can’t tell by the name, hopping around is what they do best. They have an insane 6 ft vertical, gentoo penguins on the other hand the gentoo penguins aren’t so active. As you can tell from the video.

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My husband and i were driving thru Gettysburg battlefield when we hear rustling in trees and then this loud sound. We both looked at each other and said did you hear that and at same time said that sounded like Official Eatinerary shirt. Then my hubby said get the heck out of here. To this day months later we swear that sounded like Bigfoot.

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As much as I believe there is something out there. This is clearly a pic of a rear end of a bear up in the air as if it were going to lay down. With all the technology we have and Official Eatinerary shirt, why can we not get a clear indisputable pic or video. People want things to be a Bigfoot so bad that they will let their mind tell them that a chipmunk is Bigfoot! Stop with all the BS and start getting actual indisputable evidence!

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