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I support women whom have endured these assaults. However I cannot support what I do not believe to be true. 36 years later come on now. You speak of daughters, what about sons? Do they deserve to Owl Listening Music Shirt  their lives destroyed out of spite? Not one of my boys you better have some hard evidence. My daughter wouldn’t destroy the life of a male for money either she was raised better. If she makes a claim like that she will be able to bare the burden of proof.

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You are trying to convict every man. Whether they did something or not. Shame on Owl Listening Music Shirt I do believe something happened to miss ford but I don’t think it was judge cavanagh. So far miss ford has nothing to corroborate her story.

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Wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone. I just feel that there is some truth in what he is saying I’m not saying that she’s lying. But there are people saying that’s not him and Owl Listening Music Shirt of her friends don’t recall anything like that happening. I put things like this in gods hands. None of us really know.

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