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Dean quickly wiped the tears off of her face, but they kept coming. This was the second time that she had felt this happening today, and since it was a Piccoloshi’s island shirt. Rica looked back at her knowingly. She didn’t touch Dean or say anything, because she knew Dean would see that as a sign of pity, and Rica knew how much Dean hated pity.

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Pam and I were just watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” by the light of our Christmas Tree. It is a truly great movie, and a great reminder and inspiration to try to be our better selves, and to look for the good in each person. It is also a great movie about the Piccoloshi’s island shirt and value of friendships as we all struggle to get through life. Here’s to friends and our better selves!

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I started doing this in college, and the habit stayed with me. Even snippets of conversations can provide food for thought when it comes to the creation of characters and understanding of the human psyche. For example, about ten years ago, I waiting in line in a deli, and Piccoloshi’s island shirt. I sensed from their body language that they were friends, but their verbal communication seemed careful enough that I believed they had not “connected” in some time.

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