President Trump Smile Shirt

President Trump Smile Shirt


He was on a diplomatic call with a world leader. He wasn’t chatting with his bestie. He was representing US interest. His comment was completely inappropriate in that President Trump Smile Shirt, at that time. This has nothing to do with feminism. It’s about his inability to act professionally during a professional phone call.

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This is exactly the harassment women have to deal with all the time. She is there working and he makes a President Trump Smile Shirt about her appearance. He would NEVER say that to a man! It is belittling and makes her look like a schoolgirl instead of the grown journalist that she is.

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He’s Donald Trump, he was Donald Trump before and he’s still Donald Trump, this is how he acts with females and being the leader of the United States of America did not change that he’s President Trump Smile Shirt. No point in expecting him to change and act like a professional leader, he’s Donald Trump!

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