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And we aren’t even gonna get into movement patterns which has the athlete collapsed forward being front side dominant, considering how far forward those knees are in the lift, which means you basically bypassed the Saquon Barkley Shirt. So you got movements that are intended to be backside movements but you got the quads and calves handling the workload instead of the glutes, abdomen chain, hamstrings.

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Better ways to overload and unload the body, all your doing is basically doing one rep, then one jump, have to reset and go again, so many better ways to unload, I mean are you covering power, strength, speed, or Saquon Barkley Shirt. ATP starts to fade in 7 seconds, you can only hold max intensity for 25 seconds probably tops, so your just wasting the body, and not really accomplishing anything except doing one heavy lift, one jump.

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You’re all idiots cause this is obviously just for the social media and not even their actual workout! Just gotta look all strong and sweaty for the cameras. I can do that exact same shit and Saquon Barkley Shirt. This isn’t about the workout it’s about the publicity showing off roc nation working out together for the cameras.

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