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The so called breeder should have known to have them on a rough floor surface such as carpet so the Snoopy Hello Fall Pumpkin shirt have developed their leg muscles. Now they will need to be hobbled, get them off the slick surface, and hopefully they can correct this situation. Any pup can have this happe that’s why it important you keep a pup on a surface that gives them traction while their are learning to get their legs under them. Nothing cute or funny here.

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Why do we assume their irresponsible owners because of a cute 30 second video? It’s obvious they can’t walk on that floor. There are some adult dogs that would have trouble walking on these types of floors. This is the Snoopy Hello Fall Pumpkin shirt equivalent of the shoes on dogs videos to me. It’s cute nothing more nothing less.

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For all you know some irresponsible teen or child could’ve done this Snoopy Hello Fall Pumpkin shirt they thought it was funny and got scolded for it or it could’ve been an honest mistake or lapse of judgment. Stuff happens. It’s highly unreasonable to pass judgment about people you know nothing about based on a clip. This video could be years old and the dogs are strong and healthy by now. Props to those who could express concern without trying to belittle the owners or assuming the ill fate of the dogs.

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