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Sunflower Jesus

Those parents have the Sunflower Jesus Shirt by their cruel actions. If only all missing children got this sort of attention, you know the real children that get abducted and what not. That poor girl was killed by her own parents and that’s the end of It. They should be made to pay for what they have done and the millions that have been put Into finding her.

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What an utterly stupid thing to say. If her parents had murdered her, they would have been found guilty and Imprisoned! Yes they were Irresponsible and they will have to live with that for the Sunflower Jesus Shirt of their lives, but that’s as far as their guilt goes, otherwise they would have been found guilty In a court of law!

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They left that table were they were eating at least once to eledgidly claim they were checking In Sunflower Jesus Shirt when that’s the opportunity we’re they could have done It but what I don’t understand yoy maddie and not the other that’s the part that makes me think there a slight bit Inside me that says did they do It you maddie and not the rest?

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