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teacher Cardrals


Okay so someday you guys will have all the corgis in the land and then I will come over and have a teacher Cardrals Shirt pool party with them and I’ll have the best time ever being the only human in the middle of a corgi pool party and we will all jump in together and ride down the slide. And I can be all of their god mothers and we will be best friends forever.

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Still kinda looking out but cant really go there till my beautiful girl decides to check out. Hope it will be many months yet. Hate to even think of it. She has been my special girl for sooo long. I think no I know I will be teacher Cardrals Shirt completely lost without her. But she is still hanging in there. Miss you guys. Hope your first week back at work.

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Isn’t this adorable jennifer? It seems like you had a wonderful trip. I would love to get together with you and gwen for a meal. I thought I would be able to rejoin y’all for choir this summer, but I have two fractures in my teacher Cardrals Shirt and  am sporting a boot and getting around on a knee scooter. Let me know if you guys can get together soon. Love ya friend.

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