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Team First Grade


It’s automatically not assumed to be a protection dog you jus mad chris skirmont cuz your dog Isn’t as trained as these dogs are and Team First Grade Shirt better yet have the skills as a dog owner to have yours trained as good as these are me personally I would like to have my pits ears cropped. The tail no I dont see the point really but the ears If he was a protection dog I bet you would cringe coming at me sideways more than If I didnt have the ears cropped It’s not a bad procedure It’s them funky ass dudes cutting them at home or In thier garage who do a painful procedure.

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Guys Shirt
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Team First Grade Ladies V-Neck
Ladies V-Neck

This man was only trying to show that the Team First Grade Shirt of dog Is not bad as people say they are. And now everybody wanna talk about how their eating. Why their ears are clip.where their sleeping. All I seen was well mannered healthy clean dogs. That eats together without being aggressive towards each other. My god you can’t do anything rite It wrong without negative feed back from negative people.

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Team First Grade Hoodie
Team First Grade Tank Top
Tank Top

They get bad reps for a reason. I’m not saying all pits are bad but It’s Team First Grade Shirt to treat them with caution until they prove safe. why do I only here about about larger dogs eating raw diets and smaller dogs eating none meat If It was so good. Nevertheless I’m going to have to check with the veteran to see what he she thinks.

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