The grinchshank redemption t-shirt

The grinchshank redemption


The French seemed to have The grinchshank redemption t-shirt that I admired, that I suppose I thought I was lacking at that age. Traveling around Europe that summer, I stopped in France to inquire about schools that would teach me French, even though I had taken one French class in college and got my worst grade ever. I found a school in Belgium that cost $700 for the whole year. I made friends from all over the world and French was the lingua franca so it was total immersion. I learned the language in a year.

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The grinchshank redemption
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The grinchshank redemption
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The grinchshank redemption
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The grinchshank redemption
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I moved back to the Twin Cities to finish school and worked in utilities because I wasn’t sure what to do with The grinchshank redemption t-shirt in comp lit. My boss came to me one day and confirmed that I had lived on a farm and also knew French. He told me that a friend of his was working on a project in Africa and needed someone who knew French to lead a construction team. He offered to continue paying my salary to go. So of course I said yes. He sent me to Brazzaville, Congo for 3 months where I led a team of 15 Congolese workers.

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The grinchshank redemption

While there, I met a Frenchman retracing his father’s footsteps in The grinchshank redemption t-shirt French colonial territory. He took one look at me and thought to himself, Another ignorant American. And I took one look at him and thought, Another arrogant Frenchman. We immediately hit it off and have been great friends ever since. He is now a Frenchman teaching English in France and I’m an American teaching French in the US. He got his PhD from the Sorbonne and I got mine from Harvard. We have spoken by phone every week since 1996, maintaining our friendship and doing collaborative work on the politics and myths in our cultures, me analyzing the French and him the American.

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