Donald Trump MAGA Gear shirt – Molotees

Donald Trump MAGA Gear shirt

Peepee charges forward. He flicks a switchblade the size of his arm (it was a regular sized switchblade) and comes at me like a shot, probably DPS spec because he was so lightly armored with just a leather jacket with a Donald Trump MAGA Gear shirt flaming eagle on the back. Such a cool jacket. I feint, seeing his strike before he makes it, falling back and easing into my own attack as he attempts to parry but I pull the blow and set him off balance as he tries to correct his misplaced effort- a feint within a feint. He tumbles headlong into my leg, sending the blade clattering across the alley. With a single size 9 kick, he sinks into a heap of day old bagels and coffee grounds. You’re thinking what I was thinking, don’t send a DPS to do a tank’s job.

Donald Trump MAGA Gear shirt(Donald Trump MAGA Gear shirt)

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