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Dural til we fly shirt

Seventh, there is an IKEA within 2 miles. Phenomenal cheap food, fun as hell to take dates too, easy way to buy new furniture for your sick Knox-Box apartment. The IKEA proximity is honestly in my mind one of the top 10 reasons to attend the school. Eighth, UMCP is a Dural til we fly shirt ground between the real world and college. Its not too isolated, there’s plenty of exposure to working students and older students and people of difference races. Not knowing even a quarter of the student body is good for making sure you don’t live in an echo chamber. I have found the people at Maryland are generally good-natured and down to earth. There are a lot of snobs, a lot of shit heads, but UMCP is primarily populated by good people who are a lot of fun to get to know.

Dural til we fly shirt(Dural til we fly shirt)

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