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My son had severe issues with food starting from 2. Basically, he could eat only 3-4 things, and if he ate something else he would gag. After eating, if someone mentioned food, he would throw up. Just the thought of food was too much for him. So, we took him to a title, and she was successful in making him try new foods. She used a graduated method of introducing food. She will tell him to first just kiss the food. She would hold it out to his lips, and he would kiss it. Then he had to try to lick it. Then he would take a bite. And if he liked it, he liked it. If he didn;t she would try it again another day. We expanded his repertoire. My wifes, even made some sort of weird root vegetable with lot of spices, and my son ate it. When the therapist saw that, she kicked us out. “You are done! Even I won’t eat that”.

So, we kept going to other doctors, and we found out that he has celiac disease and title lactose intolerance. Between these 2, in every meal he was getting something that had something that didn’t work with his stomach. We went on a gluten free diet. His appetite became better and his size improved. Then we removed lactose, and his gagging stopped. All of this took 4 years of figuring out, and he went on a gluten free, lactose free diet when he was 6-7 He is 8 now, and he is beginning to try a lot of new things. He loves pizza with veggies. He ate salmon for the first time few weeks ago. He has graduated to getting onions on his cheese burger.. no lettuce yet. He did try ribs, but didn;t like it. I made chicken wings for him this weekend, which he loved. I would say gagging might be an issue on it’s own, or it could be a secondary issue that arises because of something else in his digestive system. If you aren’t making headway, go to a gastroentrologist.



Go away. I am coding Shirt

Go away. I am coding Shirt



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