Great American Beer Park Shirt – Te

Great American Beer Park Shirt

I bought this today because it reminded me of you and A woman cannot survive on wine alone she also needs dogs shirt and my gratitude for you in my life! I enjoyed the Great American Beer Park Shirt of the sun taking the trash out the other day, felt so good on my face. To look so intently at pine cones, starry skies, and wrinkled hands that I remember what miracles are. To ask how can I help? So often that my drill sergeant voice disappears along with my need to control. To choose love so often it becomes my default choice. Let it transform the minutes in between. I will invite Love to be my companion today, and perhaps tomorrow too. Maybe for 28 days, I’ll tote Love around like my beloved security blanket  the one I thought I lost but didn’t.

Great American Beer Park Shirt(Great American Beer Park Shirt)

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