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Healing has no agenda funny T shirt

When I started at Stanford, like most others, I was a terrified foreign kid trying to make his way in a strange land. The Healing has no agenda funny T shirt seemed big and scary and there was a lot to cope with. My first few weeks, I was scrambling just to meet the minimum bar; to survive. But then I began to notice something. I observed something that I had never seen in all my years back home; something I had heard whispers of but never actually witnessed in 16 years of education. Nobody was afraid to fail. People would take classes, do projects, work with research groups and even start companies just because they wanted to learn. Sometimes they would absolutely excel at it, other times they would crash and burn. What I realized was that success and failure were both excellent teachers and the reason every student and professor alike gave it their all was so that they could learn something in the process.

Healing has no agenda funny T shirt(Healing has no agenda funny T shirt)

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