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I Did Not Commit Arson T Shirt

I’m not gonna undersell the I Did Not Commit Arson T Shirt of physical attraction. I’m not gonna tell you that it’s not important or that making it important is superficial. But myself, personally, I find that I’m rarely attracted to someone physically until I’m attracted to them intellectually. So when I stumbled across a profile that read, in many respects, like my own had, I was intrigued. She was an avid reader; more so even than myself, more than doubling the number of books I read in a year. That was impressive, if true. She loved video games. Better, she had listed as her favorite genres my favorites, and had specifically noted she was actively playing the same MMO I played. She listed her role and asked for a playmate. Hell yes. She didn’t listen to the same music, but to be fair, I listen to maybe twelve artists total, and I haven’t listened to anyone else (on purpose) in damn near fifteen years. I don’t really like music. I could deal with that. She loved most of the same movies I did, and we shared top-3 genres. Off to a great start in the entertainment category, and I know we’ll always enjoy a movie date-night together. We shared opinions on ideal date venues, shared philosophies regarding dating, had similar tastes and interests, and we presented ourselves similarly. Only two obstacles stood between a connection.

I Did Not Commit Arson T Shirt(I Did Not Commit Arson T Shirt)

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