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John Newman III Player Tee

World War 2 probably killed more people than any other war in history. But there have been over half a John Newman III Player Tee that killed more than World War 1. I’ll list them off and give a short description Three Kingdom’s Period in China from 220–280 AD. This one technically isn’t a war but I put it on here anyway because it is one of the most violent periods of human history. 40 million people died. To put it into perspective as much as 25% of the entire world’s population died in the period of warfare. World War 2 killed 2%, less than 1/10th of that. In those 60 years the population of China dropped from 56 million to 16 million. If you were alive during that period of time you didn’t have much fun to say the least. Second Sino-Japanese War killed 25 million. It could be considered as part of World War 2 but usually isn’t. People often forget how China held out against Japan in the war, if they didn’t we very well could have lost. They certainly had to sacrifice a lot of hold off the Japanese who treated them like animals.

John Newman III Player Tee(John Newman III Player Tee)

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