JoshsThing T Shirt 1 tee

JoshsThing T Shirt 1 tee

You are genetically at large risk ofJoshsThing T Shirt 1 tee heart disease or probably living with one. If you are in early 20s or less, you better wake up. Check out fatty lever, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level immediately. If any of these condition exists, rush to a Cardiologist and get yourself scanned. A ECG, TMT and 2D Echo should be done. Medicines for controlling all the above risk factors must immediately start including Cholesterol ones. Don’t avoid medicines at any cost. Next should be your lifestyle. Brisk walk 45 mins for 5 days a week. You can do jogging also. Eat responsibly and avoid junk or street food. You have to reduce body fat and a large tummy will add to all the problems. It should be flat at 32 inch.

JoshsThing T Shirt 1 tee(JoshsThing T Shirt 1 tee)

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