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Power Bottom Shirt

I watched the opener of The Mandalorian. 7/10 for me, but with lots of Power Bottom Shirt. Wish there was more to binge than one uneven ~40 min intro. Next episode doesn’t drop until Friday, then one per week after that. Would have been nice to at least get two out of the gate. I do like the idea of Friday drops though. While I get why live network TV has long avoided said evening, it’s nice to have new things to stream on the weekends outside of HBO’s Sunday block (which runs pretty late for some). The assembled back catalog is impressive. Apart from all the obvious stuff, they’ve got quite a collection of 90s shows like DuckTales, Spider-Man, and Darkwing Duck. Plus the early seasons of The Simpsons (they have the later ones too, but who cares). For millennials like me, those are all pretty great for lazy weekend binges and background viewing.

Power Bottom Shirt(Power Bottom Shirt)

Buy it now:Power Bottom Shirt – TeeGooG

Power Bottom Shirt – TeeGooG

Power Bottom Shirt – TeeGooG

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