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Sexual Assault Awareness Teal Ribbon T Shirt

I had went to Business School after high school and got a Sexual Assault Awareness Teal Ribbon T Shirt jobs before I turned Hippie. Eventually, I got bored with the communal, drug induced lifestyle and settled down with a cheating husband. After I wised up, I decided I would get a job that would pay for toilet paper and feed myself and a dog or two. I was content, found a better quality man and thought life was my apple, until the spotted owl changed everything. It got the endangered species status and plywood mills started shutting down because timber was no longer available. The government came in and established the “dislocated timber workers program.” that would pay to have us retrained. I was youngish and decided why not? As you can see, I have had some hiccups in my life, but College at age 42 changed me even more than anyone thought possible. It took major adjustment to transform myself. I was rough looking, always had dirty fingernails, and cussed with enthusiasm.

Sexual Assault Awareness Teal Ribbon T Shirt(Sexual Assault Awareness Teal Ribbon T Shirt)

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