Thank you Taker signature shirt – TeThank you Undertaker signature shirt – Te

Thank you Taker signature shirt – Te

Thank you Taker signature shirt

They even outperform people with PHDs in portfolio construction theory and top wealth managers. The Thank you Taker signature shirt is simple. The dead aren’t watching CNBC and worried about the latest thing which can rock markets (elections and covid in 2020, Russia and Ukraine this year). They don’t panic if markets do crash, or try to predict the next crash. And they don’t allow bias’ to affect investing. This isn’t an isolated case. I have ran out of the number of people who have told me that there best performing accounts were ones they forgot about. Typically, they were small accounts which their parents set up, or ones where they withdraw 90% of the money decades ago, and kept a small balance. When they looked at the valuations after forgetting about if for decades, they were pleasantly shocked, and usually those accounts did the best. The point is, being more active won’t automatically get you higher returns. In fact, the more you analyse, the more you are likely to over-analyse and lose out.

(Thank you Taker signature shirt)



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