You can pee on me shirt – TeThank you Undertaker signature shirt – Te

You can pee on me shirt – Te

You can pee on me shirt

I’m hyper cognizant of all hypocrisies against mothers, pregnant women, submissive women, and housewives. If we let those slip unnoticed, we have Salem on our hands all over again. How many times does history have to show us that? I spend the You can pee on me shirt of my feminist activism on helping conservative and traditional women escape conservative and patriarchal men and leave my feminist allies to fend for themselves. Men will ALWAYS hurl hatred at women like me. No cause for real alarm there. But when you notice a man smugly mansplaining why bottle feeding moms are harming their infants only to see him working himself into a rage with a suspicious and quite sick bulge in his pants over a breastfeeding mama, you know you’ve identified the real problem. Mark that man’s name as prey and sniff the air for others hunting time is about to begin when you see that kind of man and you can make it a social nightmare for him and never spill a drop of blood. Watch for him and enjoy your well deserved quarry. We need these men driven back to their caves to leave room for decent men and women.

(You can pee on me shirt)



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