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Your Dad Is My Cardio Women’s T Shirt

In my younger days, I met a Your Dad Is My Cardio Women’s T Shirt who was said to be a Red Witch. She had red hair, a pale complexion, green eyes and was what we called at the time, an Earth Mother. She was sweet, kind and immensely loving and giving. She never discussed her beliefs in the occult, but they hung around her like incense and strawberry oil. I never saw her anger, although she was said to have the ability to cause great damage to those who threatened her, or her family. I once asked her if she knew of Banshees. She gave a cute little laugh and said nothing. She was definitely what might be called a Babalon, by those who follow Crowley, but she was a wonderful friend more than anything else. At any rate, I’ve always held her to one possible answer to the question of the Red Witch.

Your Dad Is My Cardio Women's T Shirt(Your Dad Is My Cardio Women’s T Shirt)

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