Youre In My Heart T Shirt tee

Youre In My Heart T Shirt tee

Now if you’re wondering how will meditating on the heart heal it and why meditate on theYoure In My Heart T Shirt tee; let me tell you what I myself found out only recently,through one of the talks given by my spiritual master Shri Kamlesh D.Patel, president of Heartfulness Institute- “Suppose you meditate on your shoulders or your thighs, or your forehead, you will feel only that. But while meditating on the heart, when transmission reaches there – the divine force, the divine energy, the divine essence – when it enters the heart and charges every atom of the blood, when it enriches every cell of our body,it is transporting divine energy. The heart is an organ, not just a pumping organ, but it is where we feel things.

Youre In My Heart T Shirt tee(Youre In My Heart T Shirt tee)

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